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Quadropus Rampage Apk v2.0.49 Mod

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About the game Quadropus Rampage 

Quadropus Rampage is a game in the mobile game is very rich.All you have a smartphone running Android platform with the operating system from 4.4 or above can be a good game

Quadropus Rampage game called“butterscotch Shenanigans is an action game designed by. You’ll fight monsters in the game. Monsters you have to kill themto be barriers to collecting your points.You will also receive points from the monsters you kill. If you want to play inthis exciting and action-packed game playyou can immediately start our downloadlink below. Have fun.
Fight using intuitive controls: Easy to learn, difficult to master. Dodge, block, stab, smash, and spin your way to victory!
Continue the battle forever with procedurally-generated weapons, levels, and minibosses
Watch as your pet starfish vanquishes your fishy foes
Dual-wield even more pets, like a bucket-throwing walrus and a head-banging shark
Show off your skills in 5 epic bossfights
Beat the game to discover that there is even more game! More game modes than you can shake a tentacle at!
Become a Master: 23 achievements that yield gameplay-altering rewards
Unearth tons of powerful artifacts that let you shoot lasers out of your face, turn your pet starfish into an explosive boomerang, and much more
Upgrade your quadropus to MAXIMUM AWESOMENESS using loot earned from battle

Version Info:
-Name: Quadropus Rampage 
-Update day:Sept 14, 2017
-Root: No
-Version: v2.0.49
-Mod Money

1. Download the mod file below
2.Uninstall the original (if any)
3. Install mod file
4.Go to the game and enjoy

(Copy this link https://goo.gl/qPE9xK paste to another page to download the game to the machine)
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