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Merc Storia Jp v1.5.9 Mod Apk No Root

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chơi game tẹt ga với nhiều thể loại game mod dành cho di động mới nhất với nhiều tính năng hay dành cho android và ios
About the game Merc Storia Jp

Merc Storia Jp is a game in the mobile game is very rich.All you have a smartphone running Android platform with the operating system from 4.4 or above can be a good game

Super authentic! Line Strategy RPG! !
Even though cute characters move easily with easy operation, it is a very tough line-strategy RPG!New genre title combining strategy game and RPG (role playing) elements!
Foster a unit to be a party member and challenge numerous quests to wait for!
Target strategy to maintain a party formation while proof of bonds with monsters, “Tinkle Seed” aim for one big reversal. ● Aim for breakthrough “Fierce Muses” with real-time relief!
Story Quest has three stages of “normal”, “muz”, “fierce muscle” prepared!
Even though “normal” can not be easy, the difficulty level of “fierce muses” is exactly “fierce muscle”! !
In such a case, utilize the logs permanently installed in the game, guild members and
Cooperative play asking players belonging to the same room for relief!
The figure of the players who rush one after another to the quest being captured is superb!
● “Adventurous Adventurer of a Bottle Girl with a Hast Essence Officer”
While being blessed with talent, a boy buried in dull everyday, a girl in a bottle wishing a journey to find herself …
Cute characters that are overflowing with charm and unique monsters are going to narrow and spin screen,
Please enjoy fantasic comical story.
                                                                    REVIEW TEST GAME:
Version Info:
-Name: Merc Storia Jp
-Version: v1.5.9
-Update day:Sept 9, 2017
-Root: No
1. Auto Dash
2. God Mode
3. Massive Damage
1. Download the mod file below
2.Uninstall the original (if any)
3. Install mod file
4.Go to the game and enjoy

(Copy this link https://goo.gl/neb9ZN  paste to another page to download the game to the machine)
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